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We have a qualified team


As a leading producer of architectural concrete, we have a qualified assembly team. If you expect concrete in your interiors to impress and be installed in a safe and aesthetic way, order us an assembly service. We install architectural concrete slabs on masonry, monolithic or skeletal walls (drywall). For walls in a skeletal structure, we recommend compacting the structure profiles at a distance of not more than 40 cm. Before gluing the panels, we clean and prepare the substrate beforehand. We glue the boards over the entire surface by applying the adhesive with a comb, both on the board and on the wall. The panels are installed at a distance of 2mm from each other, each panel must be additionally anchored to the wall using BL-1 fixing anchors


In places exposed to increased humidity, we recommend impregnating boards with a hydrophobic agent. If you intend to install the panels in the bathroom or kitchen, this will be the best protection against water penetration into the panel structure. We can perform impregnation of panels for you already at the production stage.

Edge chamfering

Finishing the edges of the walls is a critical point of any project using architectural concrete. Our employees will perform bevelling of the edges at an angle of 45 ° matching the two edges of the walls.

Installation instructions

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