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  • Architectural concrete panels

Architectural concrete panels

B-loft architectural concrete panels emphasize the unique nature of each interior. The use of modern achievements in the eld of concrete technology allows you to create robust decorative plates with a thickness of just 16 mm. Each plate is individually created, so that our product is characterized by high quality and care of the details. Custom formats and the possibility of colouring elements causes that the use of B-loft panels is only limited by our imagination.

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Many possibilities of use

B-loft architectural concrete panels are used in many commercial facilities, such as shops, offices and restaurants. In any interior, concrete provides space with a unique minimalist nature. Their durability and quality confirmed by tests and certificates guarantees original, timeless solutions.


Each interior is unique because it needs customized solutions. When ordering architectural concrete panels from B-loft, you can freely create any dimension, colour and texture of panles that you want to see in your space.

B-loft architectural concrete panels are dyed in mass, so they have the same colour throughout their thickness. We offer 5 standard colours. On individual orders, the panels can be produced in any colour

Dimensions and texture of panels


When ordering, you can specify the texture of the panels: smooth / moderately porous / very porous. We will prepare the panels as desired.
Our offer includes three standard formats 60 x 60 cm / 120 cm x 60 cm / 160 x 80cm. On request, we produce panels according to individual formats. Architectural concrete panels can be easily customized to fit the format of your needs.

Finishing elements

Architectural concrete slabs, thanks to their industrial character, find their application in combination with many types of finishing materials. A perfect complement to the surface, whose main role is played by architectural concrete are wooden and steel elements.

Architectural concrete, despite its raw and cold character, turns out to be a very plastic and grateful material. It turns out that with a few simple tricks you can enrich its appearance as well as give the space a new quality. The decorative elements offered by our company, such as the squeezed company logo, administrative numbers of buildings or bevelled edges at a 45° angle in a sophisticated manner will emphasize the arrangement of each interior


Our company’s offer also includes urban furniture made of architectural concrete, such as flower pots, benches, rubbish bins and other elements for the custom order. These products are characterized by a contemporary design combined with high functionality and a guarantee of unattended operation for many years.

Osiedle City Park

Osiedle City Park

Dom jednorodzinny

Dom jednorodzinny

Dom jednorodzinny


B-loft architectural concrete panels are resistant to mechanical damage, frost and very durable, and therefore they can be successfully used as cladding for buildings. They are mounted in the technology of ventilated cladding and are glued or hung mechanically to aluminium substructure. The full spectrum of applicable colours and sizes oers unlimited design possibilities. Their unique, monumental character, combined with resistance to all weather conditions, ensures a unique, timeless cladding.

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